Yowza!  After an extended break, we’re back!  Thanks for being so patient.  I had to put the comics on hold for a while as life got in the way!  So, for those who’ve been following the comic weekly, I’m real sorry for the delay.

And if you’re a first time visitor to the page, thanks for reading!! For more context, I suggest starting here!

Since I last posted, my friend Gary (and partner at Booster Shot Comics) conducted a “How to Make Health Education Comics” workshop at the Comics and Medicine Conference in Brighton, UK.  It was great and you can read all about our adventures in England here.  Shortly after England, my wife and I went to an intense Immunology course at UPenn (no, this was not our honeymoon).  After that, I had to focus on studying for my Allergy and Immunology Board exams.  Barf.  But with that finally done, I’m ready to get back in the saddle with Hare Borne.  I’ve always gotten the best inspiration for this comic while studying (though some might call that procrastinating).   So fear not, dear readers! While the website may have been stagnant for the past few months, my brain hasn’t and we have some great adventures and new characters ahead!

But enough about the past and the future.  Let’s get to the present- where we have the start of part 4!  If you recall, when we last saw Hare, he was hogtied by the Frog soldiers to the unfavorable end of some prehistoric turkey galloping through the desert to who-knows-where.  Here we see what may be a flashback?? to when Hare’s dad, Admiral Valam, was a courageous captain facing off agains the dreaded Sky Hunters!  We heard mention of this before, but now we get to see how it all went down!

Whew!  Good to be back, guys, good to be back!  Thanks for reading!

(and thanks for sticking around this far)