Sesame Street played a big part in my childhood. The unbridled creativity of Jim Henson and company on display every freaking day on local PBS was a gift for all of us kids. I really identified with each of those amazingly strange and wonderful muppets. It opened my young mind to the power of imagination an undoubtedly inspired me to pick up a pen and start drawing at age 3 and never look back. But after a few years, I outgrew Sesame Street and didn’t really think about it.

But 35 years later, my kids LOVE Sesame Street. Especially my 2 1/2 year old Sammy. I’m watching it all again through his eyes, and I remember how it captivated me in the first place. And the monsters are all there- still strange, still wonderful and eternal. They’ve been here all along, even though I was away. There something magical about that. So for this inktober, I dedicated each day to a different character from Sesame Street.  As this month draws to a close, Sesame Street has started filming its 50th(!) season!

This has been such a great month of daily reminiscing and thinking about all the ways #sesamestreet has influenced my life and how it has currently captivated my kids’ imaginations as well.

I think what I can’t still wrap my mind around was that actual Sesame Street cast members were checking out some of these drawings as well. They do truly amazing work, and here’s to 50 more years of educating and inspiring kids all over the world!