This has been a long time coming- the story starts here! Briefly, “The Adventures of Captain Hare Borne and the Space Squadron” was a comic strip that I started waaaaay back 2004 and updated regularly for a few years. I got busy with finishing medical school, doing a residency and a then a fellowship, and my lack of free time (or any type of regular schedule for human beings) led to the comic strip eventually petering out. But now that I have the free time (and the encouragement of an insanely supportive wife!), I decided to get back on the horse again. So, I’ve put together this website where I can show the comics I’ve done so far (I think we’re a good 47 pages in!), as well as the new comics (because I’m cranking them out again!).

I’m assuming most people reading this will be new to this comic (or at least need a refresher after years of no updates!), so i’ll be uploading a new comic every day and then continue with the new ones!

Also, my apologies in advance for any clunkiness in the site. I’m not good at websites.

Thanks for reading!!