Hi All,

Sorry for the delay, but we’re back with the start of Part 4!  Since I don’t have a new comic this week, I thought I’d run through my process in making comics.   Specifically, my process in making the cover for issue 4.

First off, I started brainstorming the cover by doodling on photoshop using my wacom tablet.

photo (16)

I still feel like I do my best “pencils” actually using pencils on paper, so next I penciled the cover with an 0.5mm Draft Line mechanical pencil on Bristol board.

2013-05-28 23.42.49

I sometimes do my inking digitally (like I did with the cover of part three).  But for this one I inked old school.  I typically use Staedtler pigment liners (01-07), a Micron 005, Prismacolor brush pen and chisel tip marker as well as a good old Sharpie.

photo (15)

Next, I scan things back into photoshop as line art and clean things up a little.

2013-06-07 22.02.41

Aaand then I start the coloring process.  This part is the newest thing I’ve learned with my pea-sized brain, so I’m still learning more every time I do it.  This I also do on Photoshop.

2013-06-09 16.51.49

Then I add in the text and title (with some further tweaking of colors) and boom- we got a completed comic!  The best part about all of this is my mobile set up- so I can work all over the house… or even take this to work and color comics between seeing patients (ahem… not like that’s anything I’ve ever done…cough-cough-cough-yesterday.)

photo (17)

So there ya go!  Stay tuned for the rest of Part 4!