“The Adventures of Captain Hare Borne and the Space Squadron” is a science fiction serial that Alex Thomas started drawing while he waded through the stresses and anxieties of medical school.  It started as a webcomic and was briefly published in a newspaper in Colorado.  As his medical training progressed to a pediatrics residency and then a fellowship, the comic had to go on hiatus for a bit as there was little time for anything besides work and sleep.  But with an end to those days, and the encouragement of a wonderfully supportive wife, Alex decided to relaunch the comic and continue on with the series.


Alex and Amy on their honeymoon…


In college, Alex drew political cartoons for The Daily Northwestern.  While there, he also drew the daily comic strip Bottom of the Food Chain.


this was back in the day when people Instant Messaged each other…

LAC-300x216Alex also was a founding member of “The Live Action Cartoonists”, a badass theater company that incorporated video, music, performance and live drawing to put on original performances around the world.



Alex most recently reunited with his director from Live Action Cartoonists to help with her show “Astroboy and the God of Comics” that ran at the Studio Theatre in Washington, D.C. It was called “one of the Top 3 Best Theater Experiences in 2012” by The Washington Post.

With his other pal from Live Action Cartoonists, Alex started Boostershot Comics, a company that creates creative health information for medical audiences.  Currently they are working on Iggy the Inhalers, comic book and animated video to help teach kids about asthma. We presented our project at the 2012 Graphic Medicine Conference in Toronto last year .  You can check out our presentation here!  We conducted a workshop on drawing Health Education Comics at the Graphic Medicine Conference in Brighton, England this past summer.


Check us out at www.boostershotcomics.comfacebook.com/boostershotcomics, or you can download a free comic and watch a sample animation of our educational cartoon here- www.iggyandtheinhalers.com

But enough of all this talking about myself in the third person- this site is for the trials and tribulations of a underachieving flying rabbit in outerspace!  Stay tuned here for the continuing adventures!


And thanks again for reading!!!

Alex Thomas / alexthomas2 (at) gmail (dot) com